Inside Orange Office Park

As we approach the second half of 2014 we are also getting closer to the completion of the first stage of Orange Office Park. Simultaneously, the 2nd Stage has reached the open-shell phase and it’s office premises will be ready to be used by the end of this year. In a few weeks the first tenants will move in their new headquarters within the building complex on Klimeckiego Str. 1 in Krakow.

At the moment, the impressive fit-out works in the office premises of the American investment bank Brown Brothers and Harriman are almost completed – the effect is truly impressive. The design of conference rooms, kitchenettes, toilets and chill-out rooms create great working environment. Besides this, the sound-proof windows (which are a building standard) don’t let you hear the noise coming from the traffic on Powstańców Śląśkich Str.

One of the giants in the pulp and paper industry, the global company SAPPI, chose to create the feeling the nature within their premises. The walls are covered with wallpapers showing marvelous landscapes. In a few-second-stroll, the employee might leave the Swiss Alps and let himself go in the Waldeinsamkeit (the feeling of being alone in the woods).

Thanks to the pro-active policy of the landlord there is the possibility to execute so individual-oriented projects and adapt the arrangement of premises to the needs of the tenants. This wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t the team of experienced designers and contractors. Needless to say, the layout of the typical floor also has its importance, since it gives freedom to implement a broad spectrum of design possibilities. Another advantage of Orange Office Park is the possibility to connect the premises with next stages; in this way, the tenant renting their premises in the 1st Stage can expand in the same level in the Stages yet to be built. The construction of the 3rd Stage Building shall commence in September of this year, with planed completion date to be in the end of 2015. When the 3rd Stage is ready, the tenants will have the possibility to link their premises located on the same level in all 3 buildings into one big space of ca. 6 800 m2 NLA located on one floor. This is the largest office floor plate in Krakow and one of the biggest in Poland.

During the whole year, the tenants of Orange Office Park will be able to use the fully-covered and air-conditioned atrium. The tenants might reserve the atrium for big company parties. Restaurant Olimp will make the atrium even more stirring than it already is.

After 16 months since the beginning of the first building of Orange Office Park, more than 70% of the leasable area already has been chosen by tenants. As of today, out of 16 000 sqm NLA of office spaces in the two first stages, there is still 5 000 m2 NLA office space available (around 2 000 m2 NLA in the 1st Stage and around 2 800 m2 NLA in the 2nd Stage).
Orange Office Park also gives the possibility of having an instant office (i.e. office premises with complete fit-out and furniture available for short rent periods) located in the 1st Stage Building. These premises will be projected for 50 ready-to-go workstations, one reception desk, back office and conference rooms.

Orange Office Park is a project by East-West Development Office, which is a controlled by Luxembourgian holding, specialized in commercial real-estate in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Poland.

The commercialization of the building is being conducted by FISHEYE, a Krakow-based real-estate consulting office, which specializes in transactions on the commercial real estate.