Our landlord representation team provides the services of the office buildings owners representation in process of commercialization of their properties.

Thanks to our experience in this field we take on us most of the work connected to the task of commercialization of the project, thus freeing our clients form the burden of day to day work. Our services comprise all marketing and leasing actions, starting from the planning stage of the project, through its development and actual leasing process up to reaching of the 100% level of leasing.

Typically, our job is divided into the following 5 major tasks:

  1. Analysis of the market environment of potential project
  2. Design advisory
  3. Creation and implementation of the marketing and leasing campaign
  4. Tenant’s search
  5. Negotiations in the landlord’s name of the lease conditions and actual lease agreements

The set of services listed above is aimed at achieving for our Clients the following targets:


Leasing up of the entire available space in the project in the fastest possible manner, including finding of the anchor tenant whose commitment allows the commencement of the actual development of the project in case of the projects with pre-lease requirement


Getting the best possible commercial terms of the concluded lease agreements


Creation of the highest possible asset value of the property, thanks to the proper choice of tenants, good lease conditions and high quality of the contractual documentation of the lease agreements, which secures the maximum stability of the cash flow coming from the lease of the property