FISHEYE’s residential agency team offers its Clients the services of the comprehensive consultancy and brokerage in the sales of the apartments and houses in the residential developments.

Based on our to-date experience we offer our clients the comprehensive package of the services, comprising all marketing and sales actions, starting from the planning stage of the project, through its development and actual sales process up to reaching of the 100% level of sales.

In such model of cooperation with the Client, only key decisions are taken by the Client, supported by the full set of necessary data provided by FISHEYE.

Typically, our job is divided into the following 5 major tasks:

  1.  Analysis of the market environment of potential project
  2. Design advisory
  3. Creation and implementation of the marketing and sales campaign
  4. Running of the sales office
  5. Negotiations, in the seller’s name of the sale conditions and actual sale contracts.