Our philosophy in tenant representation is to provide a ONE STOP SHOP, a place, where the tenant can get all the services which are necessary to execute seamlessly the complex procedure of relocation to new premises. We manage the process, provide all necessary data, coordinate various sub-consultants (lawyers, interior designers, project managers, movers, etc.), with the best interest of our clients being always our primary target.

Typically, we divide the process of finding the right solution for our Client into the multi-stage process, consisting of following, consecutive 10 steps:

  1. Client’s needs description
  2. Preliminary supply analysis (long list)
  3. Preparation and sending out the requests for proposal
  4. Offers comparison chart
  5. Preliminary lease conditions negotiation (with the landlords from the shortened list of potential premises)
  6. Final recommendation of the best option
  7. Conclusion of the letter of intent
  8. Negotiations and conclusion of the lease agreement
  9. Fit-out works supervision (optional)
  10. Premises hand-over – control of the delivered premises state and quality of the landlord’s fit-out works, final settlement of the fit-out costs (optional)

All the services listed above create a comprehensive package, which is aimed
at three key targets:


Getting for the tenant the best deal possible


Minimizing the risks related to “hidden” costs


Making the relocation process as smooth and seamless as possible